Added new Norton Small Business Edition (for 10 devices-see left sidebar contents)

Just a short note to let yall know that I’ve added Norton small business edition antivirus and firewall protection with guaranteed removal of any virus by Symantec, the makers of Norton antivirus software. This is an extremely good buy so I thought I would put it on site for easy access of my readers. Please share and comment; also you can bookmark this page for viewing from time to time and in the near future, I will be updating and securing a email updates system for my posts that you can subscribe to as I am always adding new content to share with yall in hopes of helping you be safe with your money and secure in your digital world because there is a whole lot of people that will help you part with your money and really mess up your digital things like photos and other stuff that you want to keep. Believe me I know, I’m in the process of rebuilding my digital life by re-installing windows since my drive crashed and because my version of windows 7 is three years old, I’m somewhere between 200-300 windows updates as I type this…GET BACKUP FOLKS…you will be so glad you have it when something like this happens…I sure was/am am using backup by Carbonite now to help me restore my stuff. I’m up to my third day now installing programs and rebuilding MY digital life on my main computer. But thats how it goes I reckon, they say on newegg chat that a hard drive’s life span is anywhere between three and five years and I use mine ALOT..have a Blessed whatever time it is on your side/area of the world…ces

Charles Sanford, Sanfords Web Pages 2-4-15