‘attack by comment’ for Word Press users

Just a short note of something for Word Press users to be aware of. Apparently, a hacker can get into your site by posting a comment and embedding a bug into the comment. After any given time, the hacker can go in and comment again and trip the mechanism that sets off the hack and then he/she has successfully gained access to your Word Press site. My personal experience when I became aware of this hack was to find that I went to my dashboard and then went to settings then on to discussions and sure enough, ‘all comments have to be manually approved’ was unchecked so I was vulnerable. I strongly suggest that for the next few updates of Word Press, that you do the same. According to sources, the problem has been fixed in this last patch update but I can manually take care of comments. I strongly suggest you do the same; just to be on the safe side…have a good week and a Blessed one as well…ces