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Ask me about software titles !!

Quite a few software titles coming to a section of this website during construction of Sanfords Web Pages. Ask me about software titles like Speedy PC Pro and quite a few others related to recovery and security issues. You can contact me at and give me 24 hours to get back to you and i’ll either have the software you are looking for or will find it for you. Just describe the task you are trying to perform and I’m certain to either already have it or know where you can get a good price on it if I cant find you a free version which I always look to open source stuff if I can.

This website is set up for your information and your ease of use and the smooth running of your computer as I have been in the business quite awhile and it is annoying to say the least to have a malware infected machine and most times its an easy fix…you just need a little help getting there. Take care of yourselves and each other and may God Bless you and yours….CES


Check this out!! As promised, LifeLock decided to partner up with Sanfords Web Pages and we are proud to sponsor them on our website..Lifelock has been around a long time and do their dead level best to keep your identity safe and back it up with a ONE MILLION DOLLAR** GUARANTEE!!


I have been with Lifelock now for about four months and they have alerted me everytime there is a ‘out of character’ move on an account be it credit card purchases or opening of a new account in my name and they want to be sure it was me performing the action based on my transaction history. They monitor over 740 billion (yes, that’s with a ‘b’ billion) servers and/or points of transactions constantly.

Use Promo code: SANSSECURITY

**After you sign up, go through and read the details on the one million dollar guaruntee along with other important information on how to fill out your secure online profile..then gather up all your credit/debit cards and either call LifeLock to get your details input into the systems or fill out the advanced online form!!

More Updates Coming Soon !!!

I have a bunch more updates coming to include tips and tricks and Lifelock systems for your home or business and a whole lot more so come back often and/or bookmark this page and see the things coming. I’m only interested in computer security and am seeking out resources for your benefit so any comments and suggestions are welcomed..thank you and have a happy holiday season!!!

Charles Sanford, Owner, Sanfords Web Pages

Sanfords Web Pages, Just One of My Sites

Sanford’s Internet Security Pages is just one of my websites. This site focuses on programs I have found that best suit your computer’s safety and make it trustworthy with BACKUP to keep your documents and other files (photos, videos and memories) that you could not otherwise keep if you have something go wrong with your system. It also focuses on privacy and security measures you can take to keep your computer and other devices safe from prying eyes such as the anti-keylogger software you find here on the site. Currently, I have all the programs grouped together under the menu heading you can click on called ‘programs I recommend and use myself’. I urge you to check each one of these programs out as they have all been around a long time and I use them on my main computer, my laptop and my cell phone. Most especially the BACKUP by Carbonite and the anti-keylogging software featured in that area of this website.


You never know who is on the internet and the above picture depicts exactly what they are after, YOUR WALLET!! Yes, they are after your identity and without protection, you can fall prey to an internet attack as the internet thieves of the world attack large numbers of computers all at one time and until they find open and vulnerable ones.  They are always one or two steps ahead of technology so you are the only one responsible for safe internet use and practices. The programs I list under ‘programs I recommend’, will help stop the identity thieves, some in their tracks as for instance, the anti-keylogging program is proactive in that it immediately protects your keystrokes as you type in your information to log into say a banking site and the premium key you get with all packages available for purchase come with a premium key for use on your main system or whichever machine/system you use to do your banking being either a desktop or laptop or other device.

Again, I must reiterate, these programs I have listed make your computer identity RESISTANT NOT identity PROOF. There is a difference. Hackers and thieves work hard to get at your information so take care and keep these programs updated as best you can. You want to make it hard for them to get into your system(s). I get a kick out of Norton 360’s monthly report that pops up on the screen once a month. Last time it popped up, I was amazed to notice that it had blocked some seventy four thousand intrusion attempts and a great number of phishing sites for that month alone. 


Save yourself from costly repairs and attempted data recovery with BACKUP and use the other programs to keep yourself protected proactively and with due diligence to keep the programs updated. Some update automatically and some require manual updates. Much easier to protect yourself then to pay someone untold amounts of fees to repair your unit when your own maintenance costs are enough as it is. Dont assume you are protected right out of the box because you are not and it is wise to use these programs and register them right after you read this website or when you get a new computer..any and all comments and suggestions for additions to this site are welcomed. Take care of yourselves and each other and may God Bless you all…CES…




New Updates Coming Soon !!

I had to take a few weeks off for family reasons. I will be posting updates to this site come next week starting on the 9th of November. 

Time certainly does fly. Not only in my personal life but just time in general. Here it is, almost time to do Thanksgiving and of course Christmas follows that and then the New Year. Seems to me and my wife, Nancy, that 2014 has just flown by. 

The updates to sanfordsinternetsecurity will be an asset to you all in getting your computer and any other devices protected before you begin shopping online; we all know what happened to several large store chains this time last year with being hacked and its my mission to see that folks are protected as best as they can be before going to secured sites and putting in their personal details.

This is why I say to GET BACKUP NOW…AND GET ANTI-KEY-LOGGER PROTECTION…there is a link to both of these programs on the menu at the top of the pages listed as ‘programs I recommend’ and the top two or three would be backup from a trusted name, Carbonite and anti-key-logger software along with anti-virus that you can trust to keep you safe.

Now as I understand it, these offline businesses have taken measures to ensure a no repeat of last year but as I have explained before, we live in the digital age and that means there is someone falling victim to an Internet scam as we speak. Get yourself theft resistant as best you can now so you can relax when you shop online. Use the programs I recommend and you will be much safer online at all times.

Now when I say ‘theft resistant’, I mean just that. You are not theft proof and there is a difference. If you use the listed programs, you will be resistant to identity theft but not theft proof but close to it as long as you keep your machine clean and updated along with your other devices. I also recommend getting Lifelock, and I will provide a link to them next week. I have it and for all my accounts, its less than thirty dollars a month for peace of mind of my credit cards and online shopping since they monitor unusual behavior of their customers and will notify you of your details being used in not a way of your normal routine with over 740 billion checkpoints they monitor.

The world as we used to know it no longer exists. Now you must be wary of using your personal details everywhere; even at the ATM and other offline places.

Keep your credit cards safe and your personal details secure where only YOU know them and change your passwords often enough that you feel comfortable that no one can get into your stuff. A word about passwords, practice memory tasks and learn how to develop strong passwords by making a song out of them or some other way of remembering passwords. A lot of websites you register for are now allowing the use of characters like question marks, etc.

Take care of yourselves and each other and God Bless…Charles Sanford 


Its a mean mean internet community out there. All you have to do is not pay attention to what you are doing and then before you know it, you have been hacked. A really good way to protect yourself online is to either change your passwords frequently or come up with strong ones (and you have to change those on occasion). But an even better way to protect yourself is BACKUP!!! I cannot express how important that is…


This is why you see Carbonite among the programs I use section. Carbonite runs in the background of your computer(s) and is cheap…go to my section in the menu of programs I recommend and you will find a link to my page from Carbonite, one of the best known names in the business of digital backup, and click on the link. It will take you to a page of mine and for a mere sixty dollars FOR A FULL YEAR of digital backup, you can get your settings how you want and be backing up your stuff almost as fast as it took to install Carbonite. 

Do yourself a favor and do this today-right now-while you are thinking about it…you will be so relieved to know Carbonite is protecting your digital memories and documents….take care of yourselves and each other, God Bless….Sanford

Norton 360 Details

In this piece, I wanted to discuss some of the finer points of Norton 360. After all, 175 million users cant be wrong. The benefits I will outline below but let me first place the outlined aspects of defense you get when using this Symantec product.

It has an easy to use interface that when navigated, gives you quite a number of choices to select from to perform a task. Like live update, run scans and log into identity safe as well as set the program to run however you like best.

Identity safe. This tool keeps your passwords in a comprehensive list and gives you various ways to work and/or find your password as well as automatically fill in your encrypted passwords in different websites and can be managed from the interface or dashboard of Norton 360. This is a handy tool to have and of course it is well protected too.

Other features are, Norton Community watch, Sonar Behavioral Protection, Spam Blocking, Internet Protection System, Download Insight and IP address Insight, Live 24/7 Threat Monitoring, Scam Insight, Anti-Phishing Technology, Parental Control and Safe Web. Just to name a few things that go into this awesome software program.

Norton’s always up to date protection assures you that you can be worry free of antivirus threats among the above listed capabilities that are listed above.

I notice a lot of negative feedback on Amazon’s site with Norton but as I have used it myself for about five years and have it running on a server and all the pc’s at a doctor’s office I manage as IT tech, I would think the negativity comes from folks not installing it correctly and not using and being aware that one product is not going to keep their computers free of malware. That is the purpose of this site, to keep you informed of ALL the programs you need in order to keep a well conditioned machine that gives you trouble free operation.

In my next post, I will be talking more about some of the other programs I list and what they do and dont do. And remember, all of this brings your computer to a malware RESISTANT state, not malware PROOF. Hackers are out there working hard to get at your computer files and just reek havoc with your machines.

Till next time, take care of yourselves and each other and may God Bless you…Sanford

Internet Security Basics Part 3

Internet Security Basics Part 3

Lets get started shall we? OK, we have talked about malware and its all inclusive definition that it was basically all that can and will disrupt your user experience on you internet connected machine, either it be a laptop or a desktop. We also talked about the different types of bugs that can enter your machine by various ways. Cookies, adware, spyware and others all fall under the definition of Malware. I found this tidbit of information by using Google’s search engine. So malware it is. It encompasses all that can invade your unit.

keep-bugs-out-of-computer-graphicNow the first thing I recommend you do is go to the lower right hand side of your computers task bar, (I believe its the same on Windows 8 after you move up the main interface screen, but for purposes of this project, it is being done on a computer running Windows 7 Ultimate)

On the taskbar are several icons depicting the clock and some running in the background programs one of the most important being your antivirus software. This is where it starts to cost money for me. I have a three license Norton 360 running on all three of my machines. Mine, my wifes and my laptop. It comes with a firewall that replaces windows firewall and also comes with a certain amout of backup. Now the business I take care of as an IT tech, is a doctors office. It has about twelve networked and running computers that are live on the net 24/7/365. Because of the doctor, she purchases Norton 360 in bulk which costs her less than $300 a year. She also has unlimited Carbonite backup which I use on my machine under her unlimited account. Carbonite is cloud based backup and I highly suggest you look into the backup service it provides for a very cheap cost. You can look at Carbonite HERE…I strongly suggest that you purchase a Carbonite backup plan and they have a special going on at the time of this writing.

Carbonite backup

You want to check those icons for your backup software. Just a side note, stay away from a backup program called myPCBackup, it is full of bugs…I found out the hard way with good ole’ Norton 360. Now you want to continue to look around those icons and lay your cursor over them and they should pop up a small message for just a few seconds and tell you what that icon is. You want to be sure you have some sort of activated antivirus program on the computer activated and running in the background. I highly recommend that you use Norton 360 which you will find a link to on the upper left side of the pages of this website. I have been using it going on five years now and it works great as long as it is installed correctly and their support team is always ready to help 24/7/365 in a variant of ways. This is the first step in securing your computer. Well, two steps actually, get your antivirus up with Norton 360 AND get the backup. Take my word for it, I’ve seen women cry over the loss of their grandbabies pictures because the’were gonna do it soon’ and never got it done and their computer crashed and even with the high level recovery software I had, I could not recover her precious albums and documents she took years to collect…it was that bad. So get Carbonite NOW and save yourself a lot of headache and sorrow if you lose your hardware…and Norton 360 is just the start of this trek we are going thru to get your computer safe from theives just waiting for you to leave something out there they can get into…

With much respect for you and your decisions,

Sanfords Web Pages, Charles Sanford




Internet Security Basics Part 2


This is a continuation of my first post on this issue whereas I said I would add more meaning to the words adware, spyware, malware and antivirus. Most of what you see on the internet embeds cookies on your computer..a cookie is defined as is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s browser (like safari, chrome, internet explorer) while the user is browsing that website.

Every time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the website of the user’s previous activity. Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember information (such as items in a shopping cart) or to record the user’s browsing activity (including clicking particular buttons, logging in or recording which pages were visited by the user as far back as months or years ago).

Some cookies are ok, some are not so ok…there are programs that completely wipe out cookies from your computer just as there are programs that prevent spyware and such from being loaded onto your computer with exceptions of course…such as you want the cookie from Wealthy Affiliate because it tracks you progress in the WA system. Some programs though wipe out all cookies so you want to be selective on how you run these programs. Now its very important to know that programs designed to protect your computer are what I refer to as ‘cookie resistant’ not cookie proof’ using cookies as an example…just like antivirus software, it is virus resistant not virus proof…in other words, the virus could be written right now and your virus programs definitions or updates did not take place till some time earlier.

So it is a good thing to; should you have the occasion to open your virus program, click on the update button just for grins and giggles to see if perhaps there is an update and nine times out of ten there will be since viruses are being written all the time. To make my point even clearer, think about last holiday season when Target came out with all that hacking and identity theft of credit card numbers. Software glitch? maybe…more like an inside job from what I read. Enough about cookies, lets move on.

Basic Definitions of Malware that DOES exist on your Computer:

Malware: Actually, you can combine all forms of bugs that get into your unit using this term. Malware is short for malicious software that will disrupt your browsing experience. It includes ad-ware, which is an aggressive form of advertising and changes your browsers settings from how you had the browser set.

Usually it attacks your homepage with some search engine designed to get you to click on links such as one called ‘cool-search’ and ‘web-search’….also, malware is Trojans or worms often disguised as innocent pieces of software embedded in your files. Its a nasty sort of thing to get and a lot of people trying to save a buck use ‘free’ antivirus software and it does not quite get the job done…for this reason, I highly recommend several different pieces of software, some free and some not free but tried and true..I know…I’m using them now.

protect pc from hacking

I don’t have any trouble because I have a safety net. Remember when I said in part 1 that the cost of a computer out of the box was all your money you would have to spend on your computer to keep it safe on the net? NOT …you soon find out that you must buy software in addition to the hardware and gone are the days when you could just borrow someone else’s disc and use it with their license…companies quickly got wise to that and now the software has to be registered over the internet and activated….lets move on….

In my next part coming in the next few days, we will go over both the purchased software and the free software that you can put on your computer that WILL keep it safe from and malware from entering your computer or at least executing on your unit which will be exactly what I have on my main computer (and laptop) that keeps my computer running smooth and warns me of any changes that were attempted or is being attempted to change a setting on your unit simply by surfing the internet and I keep my unit turned on 24/7/365 and clean it up about once a week using these programs and get rid of junk files that are cluttering up my unit and keeping it running in tip top shape as best as I can offer you.

Be prepared to spend a little time learning this and taking notes as we go along or keep coming back to this website for updated information as I plan to add news to it quite often to keep up with the constant battle of the bugs that are trying their best to infect your unit and I’m trying to save you from that annoying crash that can and will happen if you do not maintain your computer regularly. Its a mundane task but I always start with the idea of keeping my information safe and my computer running smooth so when I’m running manual scans, I find something to do as I run said only takes a few hours versus hours of headaches trying to ‘fix’ your computer. More coming soon….take care of yourselves and each other, God Bless….CES