CARBONITE…a new defense to a new threat called ‘ransomware’

Ransomware you say?…

Some of you may or may not have heard of ransomware, it is a small piece of software that once installed on your computer; will give you notice that only if you pay a fee that can run from the hundreds if not into the thousands of dollars, will lock some parts of your computer and keep you from accessing them. When and only when, you pay the fee, will your files or computer be released…MAYBE…!

Where does Carbonite come to play in all this? Carbonite is an always running, very secure way of backing up your files continuously so should you be attacked, your files are safely stored in the cloud backed up and ready to be used. Cool huh? My recommendation is to go to the website located here (<-click “here”) and get your files and photos backed up as soon as possible.

The initial backup takes a little time and read through how to use the software and let it run in the background while you do other things and leave your computer on for a few days to a week to be sure you get everything backed up and then Carbonite automatically backups up updated files, again, cool huh? Save a headache and do this as soon as possible…ces

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