LastPass, a password manager that you can use

Description of LastPass Password Manager

LastPass allows you to start browsing and prompts you to save your logins, generate passwords, create profiles for surfing and browsing the internet while you shop and more. LastPass does the work for you so logging into sites becomes easy and secure without you having to remember all those passwords. You can create strong passwords for every site you visit and LastPass stores them for you under one strong password you can remember by making a song out of it or by some other means of remembering your master password for LastPass. LastPass comes in a free and premium and an enterprise editions and I currently use the free version to keep up with my passwords along with Symantec’s Identity Safe that I have packaged with my Norton 360.

Use the following to gain access to LastPass

Here is a link to use to gain access to LastPass and use it to get yourself in their refer a friend program and you will get a one month subscription to LastPass premium edition. Here is the link:

LastPass refer a friend program…   <<–Click here to get LastPass

After getting into the program, read on how to use LastPass and look at the various options you have with LastPass, your one stop for password management and I have been using it for over a year and it is very safe and secure so try it out today and start saving those hard to remember passwords. You want strong passwords on your logins in today’s internet and it along with my antikeylogging software with backup found under the menu of this website named ‘programs I use and recommend’ you can begin to feel way more protected than ever before with your internet surfing.

Take care of yourselves and each other and may God Bless, Charles Sanford, Site Owner and owner of this website brought to you by Sanfords Web Pages.