New Medium to Moderate Threat Toolbar

New Toolbar Threat

There is a new toolbar threat that I just got rid of using spyhunter4. You can find the removal tool here. This toolbar/homepage hijacker takes over your homepage on one or more of your browsers and is an annoyance, well to me anyway, especially when I found out that it contains malware. Of course, it is another one of those tracking type software that reports back to its origin the habits of your computer browsing. It can be dressed up to show ‘myinbox’ with various mail icons to login to your emails with which of course sends whatever information back, again, to its origin which is a threat not only as a malware app but could send private and possibly password details to an unknown source. So if you see this toolbar installed and takes over your home page, here is how to get rid of it completely from your computer. Download spyhunter4 here (or go to menu tab ‘programs I recommend’) and let it update and just run the program. It costs but I’ve had it for about two years and I run it about once every two weeks and it finds everything malware on your unit and gives you a ‘fix’ option completely removing ‘myinbox’ or the inbox homepage and its components. Good luck and happy surfing…

Charles Sanford, Sanfords Web Pages