Norton 360 sloooowly becomes Norton Security

Is Norton 360 Dead?

No, Norton 360 is not dead…yet. I think what you will find when you go to renew Norton that those of us using Norton 360 are going to find that Symantec, the parent company of Norton products, is slowly fading out Norton 360 and bringing a new look and new name to Norton Security.

Norton details from Aug 2015

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Some of you that have kept up with the updates should have noticed a significant difference in the face of the new Norton 360 which I believe is the same face of Norton Security with a few little tweaks. One tweak that stood out to me was at the top was ‘monthly details’ that you just automatically got at the end of each month with Norton 360. As you can see by the screenshot above, I took the monthly details after clicking on it and placed the details screen below my ‘new tab’ page which is Norton’s Search page. I like to use Norton’s little gadgets and install just about all the little tweaks that come with the antivirus software, firewall and such. I use Identity safe also which I find to be a useful password manager.

Norton Identity Safe

If you are not already using Norton’s version of a password manager, you maybe should try it. It comes free with Norton Security (Norton 360) and does a good job of keeping up with your passwords and encrypts them but be aware that sometimes it can be annoying when Norton thinks you are filling out a passworded document and fills the areas of the document with your user name and password and you have to type over them. Sometimes if I’m working on a document or documents, I will shut down Norton’s Identity safe so it wont interfere with my filling out of forms as I also use the premium version of LastPass, another good password manager. I like to keep things on the safe side and have them both as I use complicated passwords or sometimes a password generator and that way I dont have to keep up with all of them even tho I do write them down with the first use just in case. Be well and God Bless.

Charles Sanford, Sanfords Web Pages, 9-13-15