There is a bunch of cyber crooks remotely locking and holding your devices, including smartphones, hostage by sending out website links or emails with usually a video or other attachment and when you click on the attached file; be it a video or email, it will hold and lock your device or phone hostage and lock it with malware and demand you pay upwards to six hundred or so dollars to get the release of your device back to you and there is no guarantee that the release code or software they send you will work leaving your phone or device be it an iPad or android device locked and useless. Until I do more research into this, in the meantime, get Norton’s (aka Symantec) mobile phone security for your mobile devices. I was already on Norton’s 360 antivirus with the option to add mobile security to my Iphone but Symantec has released a new version of Norton 360 called Norton Internet Security but in any case, get the multi-device product and do your research and get your device at least running with some sort of security to prevent or warn you of possible threats contained in the email or video sent to your device.

The malware will usually open right away disguising itself as an FBI security message telling you that malware has been detected with spam and located it and will also install child pornography on your phone or device and demand upwards of six hundred US dollars to send you an unlock code or piece of software to rid your device of the illegal images and malware. It is built that way to scare you into paying the monies to keep you from reporting it to the law enforcement agencies near you as if you had been downloading and viewing/trading child porn and promises to rid your device of the infection for the ransom. Do not fall for this. Instead, immediately take your device infected to local law enforcement and they can tell if your device has been hijacked. You may still have to pay the ransom to get your device back in working order but being proactive is the best advice I can give at this point while I do more research and then in the meantime, research this criminal activity and take measures to protect your devices against this type of attack. If you get an unusual email with a video attachment or document attachment you did not expect or even if you get one from someone you know and cannot first scan it with your protective measures, stay on the safe side and do not open it and as always, every now and then, change your passwords to complicated ones that only you would know and be hard to hack and write them down in a safe place and practice typing them or make some sort of song out of them; some sort of memory jogging to remember them on the go-that’s what I do to remember mine. 

The internet is getting more and more difficult to navigate safely so you have to stay one step ahead of the hackers out there by being conscience of the fact that your friends and business accounts could be hacked and send you a file that looks innocent enough but you have to be proactive and have mobile security on your phones and mobile devices as well as your computer/laptop and keep the protection software you choose updated regularly. I am fixing to do some research on the best mobile device protection and I’ll have it on site soon. In the meantime, be wary of what you open from anyone; friend or an unknown and unexpected email. Get an email scanner that hopefully comes bundled with your email client or protection software you choose. Use different search engines while doing your research. The top search engines are Bing, Google and Yahoo among many others. Talk soon. Take care of yourselves and each other and may God Bless…CES…

Phishing Scams Alert-No Login?

Make Strong Ones and Beware

Beware of internet security! When you are surfing or especially doing tasks like online banking, be sure you are on a secure site. This is easily done by simply logging in…yeah? so what’s new you ask? Well, my wife sent me one of her bills to take care of just a while ago ok? It was from Amazon. Well, I clicked on the link and it took me right into the account details!! No login..no user name or password were asked for..NOTHING..just a spot to put in our joint account routing number!! There was no verification at all. This is what could have easily been a phishing site. A phishing site works just like that or similar by mocking a website known to you and asking for your details and personal information just like this one did. Do due diligence, look up at the website address and see where the website is located. If it shows say http://www.nameofwebsite.com or some like that it is probably ok but go back and open a new tab and type in what you know the web address to be like for instance, Amazon, everyone knows its simply amazon.com and there you are asked to sign in to your account. Dont just think that because it looks official that it really is. That is what hackers want you to think. When that site asked for my joint account number of my wife and my account without logging in I knew it was fishy so I backed out without putting any details in and left the site. I’ll check on the bill a little later. I wanted to write about this new expeirience and share it with you. 


LastPass, a password manager that you can use

Description of LastPass Password Manager

LastPass allows you to start browsing and prompts you to save your logins, generate passwords, create profiles for surfing and browsing the internet while you shop and more. LastPass does the work for you so logging into sites becomes easy and secure without you having to remember all those passwords. You can create strong passwords for every site you visit and LastPass stores them for you under one strong password you can remember by making a song out of it or by some other means of remembering your master password for LastPass. LastPass comes in a free and premium and an enterprise editions and I currently use the free version to keep up with my passwords along with Symantec’s Identity Safe that I have packaged with my Norton 360.

Use the following to gain access to LastPass

Here is a link to use to gain access to LastPass and use it to get yourself in their refer a friend program and you will get a one month subscription to LastPass premium edition. Here is the link:

LastPass refer a friend program…   <<–Click here to get LastPass

After getting into the program, read on how to use LastPass and look at the various options you have with LastPass, your one stop for password management and I have been using it for over a year and it is very safe and secure so try it out today and start saving those hard to remember passwords. You want strong passwords on your logins in today’s internet and it along with my antikeylogging software with backup found under the menu of this website named ‘programs I use and recommend’ you can begin to feel way more protected than ever before with your internet surfing.

Take care of yourselves and each other and may God Bless, Charles Sanford, Site Owner and owner of this website brought to you by Sanfords Web Pages.

Make $5-$7 or so U.S. Dollars by Just Being Active

This is a neat little program that tuns in the background and does not bother anything—just sits there and clocks up money monitoring your internet activity. Just thought I would throw it in here for those of you that may be interested in making a few buxks a month for free just letting this little jewel run while you surf and GUESS WHAT???? MY FIRST MONTH AND I MADE THE LEADERBOARD!!!! COOL HUH?  Anyway..click the image and you should get to go to a link that will allow you to fill out a little form and you give them your paypal address and they send you money each month for letting their little program run in the background. It is really cool so try it and if you dont like it take it off…if you do like it send people to this page and tell them they can download it here at Sanfords Security Pages, a Sanfords Web Pages website…kinda cool to get paid for just monitoring how much traffic goes thru your system…Enjoy!!!!


Compuware Gomez Peer

Ask me about software titles !!

Quite a few software titles coming to a section of this website during construction of Sanfords Web Pages. Ask me about software titles like Speedy PC Pro and quite a few others related to recovery and security issues. You can contact me at chassanford@sanfordswebpages.com and give me 24 hours to get back to you and i’ll either have the software you are looking for or will find it for you. Just describe the task you are trying to perform and I’m certain to either already have it or know where you can get a good price on it if I cant find you a free version which I always look to open source stuff if I can.

This website is set up for your information and your ease of use and the smooth running of your computer as I have been in the business quite awhile and it is annoying to say the least to have a malware infected machine and most times its an easy fix…you just need a little help getting there. Take care of yourselves and each other and may God Bless you and yours….CES

Before you decide which Backup to use-Consider this…

I just came from a site that is common about backup reviews and other promotions and I wanted to pass on to you what I have found so far. There is a computer backup service that is considered malware by Norton 360 and its called MyPCBackup. Go here to get a somewhat fair review of the product: http://www.getcloudstorage.net/mypcbackup-review/

Take this with a grain of salt as I have found MyPCBackup to be full of malware when you install it on a trial basis as the above listed site will tell you and it is not easy to uninstall…I use  Iobit’s Uninstaller to do the job quite well and then use the ‘powerful scan’ feature to get the traces of MyPCBackup thats left behind. 

I just dont recommend it and instead recommend going to the menu option above and clicking on Carbonite where you will get a no nonsense kind of backup soloution without ANY malware or annoying popups unless there is a problem with the Carbonite software and it is warning you…thats it…otherwise it just operates normally in the background without you really knowing its doing its job until you launch the interface and see what it is doing or has already done…my kind of software and I strongly recommend it over any other backup solution out there.

There are several companies out there but for my money and history with Carbonite, I’ll stick with them and enjoy my peaceful and safe backup solution…have a great weekend and take care of yourselves and each other…God Bless…CES


Check this out!! As promised, LifeLock decided to partner up with Sanfords Web Pages and we are proud to sponsor them on our website..Lifelock has been around a long time and do their dead level best to keep your identity safe and back it up with a ONE MILLION DOLLAR** GUARANTEE!!


I have been with Lifelock now for about four months and they have alerted me everytime there is a ‘out of character’ move on an account be it credit card purchases or opening of a new account in my name and they want to be sure it was me performing the action based on my transaction history. They monitor over 740 billion (yes, that’s with a ‘b’ billion) servers and/or points of transactions constantly.

Use Promo code: SANSSECURITY

**After you sign up, go through and read the details on the one million dollar guaruntee along with other important information on how to fill out your secure online profile..then gather up all your credit/debit cards and either call LifeLock to get your details input into the systems or fill out the advanced online form!!

More Updates Coming Soon !!!

I have a bunch more updates coming to include tips and tricks and Lifelock systems for your home or business and a whole lot more so come back often and/or bookmark this page and see the things coming. I’m only interested in computer security and am seeking out resources for your benefit so any comments and suggestions are welcomed..thank you and have a happy holiday season!!!

Charles Sanford, Owner, Sanfords Web Pages

Sanfords Web Pages, Just One of My Sites

Sanford’s Internet Security Pages is just one of my websites. This site focuses on programs I have found that best suit your computer’s safety and make it trustworthy with BACKUP to keep your documents and other files (photos, videos and memories) that you could not otherwise keep if you have something go wrong with your system. It also focuses on privacy and security measures you can take to keep your computer and other devices safe from prying eyes such as the anti-keylogger software you find here on the site. Currently, I have all the programs grouped together under the menu heading you can click on called ‘programs I recommend and use myself’. I urge you to check each one of these programs out as they have all been around a long time and I use them on my main computer, my laptop and my cell phone. Most especially the BACKUP by Carbonite and the anti-keylogging software featured in that area of this website.


You never know who is on the internet and the above picture depicts exactly what they are after, YOUR WALLET!! Yes, they are after your identity and without protection, you can fall prey to an internet attack as the internet thieves of the world attack large numbers of computers all at one time and until they find open and vulnerable ones.  They are always one or two steps ahead of technology so you are the only one responsible for safe internet use and practices. The programs I list under ‘programs I recommend’, will help stop the identity thieves, some in their tracks as for instance, the anti-keylogging program is proactive in that it immediately protects your keystrokes as you type in your information to log into say a banking site and the premium key you get with all packages available for purchase come with a premium key for use on your main system or whichever machine/system you use to do your banking being either a desktop or laptop or other device.

Again, I must reiterate, these programs I have listed make your computer identity RESISTANT NOT identity PROOF. There is a difference. Hackers and thieves work hard to get at your information so take care and keep these programs updated as best you can. You want to make it hard for them to get into your system(s). I get a kick out of Norton 360’s monthly report that pops up on the screen once a month. Last time it popped up, I was amazed to notice that it had blocked some seventy four thousand intrusion attempts and a great number of phishing sites for that month alone. 


Save yourself from costly repairs and attempted data recovery with BACKUP and use the other programs to keep yourself protected proactively and with due diligence to keep the programs updated. Some update automatically and some require manual updates. Much easier to protect yourself then to pay someone untold amounts of fees to repair your unit when your own maintenance costs are enough as it is. Dont assume you are protected right out of the box because you are not and it is wise to use these programs and register them right after you read this website or when you get a new computer..any and all comments and suggestions for additions to this site are welcomed. Take care of yourselves and each other and may God Bless you all…CES…




by Sanfords Web Pages