Internet Security Basics Part 1

Internet Security Basics. Easy to repeat isn’t it? But in the real internet, it is full of viruses, hackers and worms; trojans…whatever you want to call them, they are squirrelly. You just rock along minding your own business and all of a sudden…a page pops up that you have never seen before. You have never seen your computer do that before. And, well look there, your search engine settings on your home page has changed. You have never seen that before either. Now you have had your brand new desktop computer for a week and all of a sudden, all this wierd stuff comes up as you try and navigate the web. Its usually just adware of some kind or malware..Ill get more into the definitions of these things a little later in this post.


For the moment, you are wondering what is going on? some computer companies give you like 60 days to call in if you have any problems with your computer so you do that and usually the tech will give you a website to go to so he can log into your computer and see whats going on. After awhile, the tech comes back online and either calls you or writes on your screen that you did not activate the antivirus that came with the computer. He/she wonders why cause the antivirus came with the computer for a one year free trial. So you get told how to activate and the tech removes all the adware and malware and leaves you wondering or just guessing that installing or activating the antivirus software will do the trick. I say no way Jose’. You need a lot more protection then that. Different antivirus software is definately different.

Adware protection, spyware protection, keylogger protection and most of all a good solid antivirus protection along with a few free programs you manually run every week or so to clean up your unit. I’ve been working on computers for about twenty years now and I’ve tested all sorts of software for use in protecting my computers and my customers computers. No, the price you pay out the door straight out of the box brand new computer does not come with everything you need. Most software extras they put on there are trial software and then those are just the basic editions, not the pro or complete versions.

In my next part of computer internet security basics, I’ll give you a review of what I use to protect my computers with. Please like this page and comment on it as I would like to have your feedback on what information I have given you so far. Thank you and take care of yourselves and each other….God Bless…………………….CES



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