Programs I Recommend (and use myself)

Programs to keep your computer running smooth and like new….read on:

Hello there. Today I’m adding some programs that you should be aware of and if you want your computer, be it a laptop or a desktop, running like mine; with no disruption by malware and such, I am going to be listing and posting some links to both free programs and paid for programs that will keep your unit running smooth as it was when it came out of the box and for the first few days if you have everything set up correctly and all shields in place to guard against malware getting into your computer. By now you should notice a difference in the way Norton 360 works versus some of the other anti-virus software out there and know that it takes more than what Norton 360 can do in order to have a pretty well guarded machine. In the coming posts to this page we are going to be talking about the programs I use to keep my units running smooth and fast as when they were new.

Computer Virus

Both my laptop and desktop are about three years old. Yes, they run as well as they did when they were new as I did research (a lot of research) and found out what ate up a lot of my memory resources and what would keep my computer from crashing) Now this by no means is saying you wont have programs crash on you running Windows pc’s. Windows just does not have the capability to have a whole lot running at the same time unless you have these systems in place to keep the machine in tip top shape and then if a program crashes on your system, you have to investigate what is causing that program to crash by either sending a support ticket to the program developers/owners or doing a little research yourself.



Here is a list of some of the programs I run on my system to keep it running like new and to keep it clean of malware with shields in place:

Setup Norton 360 Identity Safe ¬†within the body of the first Icon in the Norton interfaee. Install and setup all the other software that of which some is free to use and some are paid for. We will touch a bit on each one as soon as I write how to do those out in the coming posts. Take care of yourselves and each other…God Bless…Sanford.




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