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I have been working on computers now for just over twenty years..I am 53 years old and married to my beautiful wife Nancy and we have two grown children.

The purpose of this site is to make folks aware of the dangers lurking just underneath your keyboard which on p.c’s, attach to a tower usually and create the interface between you and what you see on the screen. And yes, it starts with the keyboard. Keystrokes can cause you alot of misery if you are not properly guarded. Then there are websites that deposit junk files on your computer constantly as you are tied to the internet…

Now in this set of pages, I hope to enlighten you as to what you can do about being protected while you surf the world wide web. I’m going to explain what happens between the relationship between your keyboard and your monitor or what you end up seeing on your monitor. Hopefully, I can guide you away from those nasty little critters that are all over the internet and put your mind on less guard about these things with the right kind of protection.

You see, I have worked on many many computers whereas the end user did not understand the protection and how important it was and also that a P.C. is nothing more than a machine and like all machines, needs maintenance. So grab you a drink of your choice and read thru my information and we will try and get you to where I am which is I am ‘bug resistant’ but not ‘bug proof’ and yes there is a difference as I will explain in these pages…

Be sure and drop me a line and let me know what you think of what I give you in the way of information and how it does effect you and your prized possession—your computer.


  • oksan1993@gmail.com

    This is a comment test to see if my comments are going to work ok..just jibberish mostly but soon, within these pages, will be hints and tips and links to products that will make your computer much more easy to use and quite a bit less annoying for those who dont really have the protection they need…take care of yourselves and each other…God Bless…CES

  • Jen Langley

    Hi. I learned the hard way how important it is to protect your computer after being infected with some spyware and malware. Thanks for teaching this info and for making it easy to understand.

    Do I understand correctly that you said it’s better to perform a few manual scans than to just rely on one? How often should a person perform or schedule an antivirus scan? I see choices from companies saying to scan your computer once a day, once an hour, once a week, but am never sure which is best.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Jen, thank you for your comment….as you can see on the side of my site, I promote Norton 360 and would strongly suggest you get that at that price point, that is actually lower than it is on their own site…lol…but it runs scans automatically while your computer is idle and then late at night. Some of the other programs I’m going to be suggesting will have to be manually updated for the free versions (what I use) and scanned manually. I have been running Norton for about five years and it gives you a monthly report on what it has done for you for the month. Mine protected me from 74 hacking attempts and thousands of phishing scams. Its a starting point to getting your computer safe. To answer your question, Norton does it automatically while the system is idle and then late at nite…dont pay attention to any negative comments you read on Norton, they are mostly posted by folks who dont follow instructions as you have to completely remove other antivirus first before installing Norton. It is a powerful tool and I have a lot of expeirience with it so its an excellent start to battle against malware. Later in this page, I will be telling what I use on my unit to keep it running smooth and without annoyances so folks can duplicate that and get their machines in shape for protection against the web attacks your computer is exposed to anytime it is connected to the web. You did not mention what you were running for protection now but I would advise that you manually update it and scan with it once a week and come back here and get my updates soon on what else you can do to keep your unit running smooth..thanks for dropping by…CES…Sanfords Web Pages

  • Tom

    I am a network engineer and have been working on computers since the early 1980’s. You are providing a service by trying to inform the public.

    • I am so glad that this information is on here for free. More often then not, people just post information on a site, in hopes that they make money! This site is clear in showing that providing information is the main objective! Keep Up The Wonderful Work!
      Michael Babcock

  • dorisklira

    I am graphics designer as well as small business owner. I run the small graphics designing company, So I always take care of my computers, that way i hire computer hardware maintenance company like delta computer group(http://www.deltacomputergroup.com/it-services/computer-hardware-maintenance) to maintain the my lab properly.

  • Thank you for your comments Doris…I have looked at that site and they appear to be a good group of people to have on your team for regular maintenance. Come back as you get a chance and check out the updates I will be making as I go along with this site…would be glad to have you…take care and God Bless…CES

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