About ‘Sanford’

I have been working on computers now for just over twenty years..I am 53 years old and married to my beautiful wife Nancy and we have two grown children.

The purpose of this site is to make folks aware of the dangers lurking just underneath your keyboard which on p.c’s, attach to a tower usually and create the interface between you and what you see on the screen. And yes, it starts with the keyboard. Keystrokes can cause you alot of misery if you are not properly guarded. Then there are websites that deposit junk files on your computer constantly as you are tied to the internet…

Now in this set of pages, I hope to enlighten you as to what you can do about being protected while you surf the world wide web. I’m going to explain what happens between the relationship between your keyboard and your monitor or what you end up seeing on your monitor. Hopefully, I can guide you away from those nasty little critters that are all over the internet and put your mind on less guard about these things with the right kind of protection.

You see, I have worked on many many computers whereas the end user did not understand the protection and how important it was and also that a P.C. is nothing more than a machine and like all machines, needs maintenance. So grab you a drink of your choice and read thru my information and we will try and get you to where I am which is I am ‘bug resistant’ but not ‘bug proof’ and yes there is a difference as I will explain in these pages…

Be sure and drop me a line and let me know what you think of what I give you in the way of information and how it does effect you and your prized possession—your computer.


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