SCAM ALERT !!! Ever heard of Ransomware??

There is a scam that has been around for some time but its finally affected enough users that it is becoming news as a new alert. What this scam does is hijack all your computers most important files and you will recieve a pop up that says your computer has been hijacked and you only have the option to pay, usually in bitcoin; a new online currency and it can cost you anywhere from 2 to 5 hundred dollars up to ten thousand! Keep your computer running with reputable programs like malware scan programs and good antivirus and firewall and maybe it will not happen to you. Of course if you have a good backup your being impacted by this scam is limited. Simply wipe your drive clean and reinstall windows and replace your files with your backup. You can find all the software you need, along with the backup software by Carbonite under the above menu that has for a title, ‘programs I recommend, (and use myself) up at the top of this page you are reading only costs sixty dollars for Carbonite for a full year of backup and of course I’ll help you anyway I can if you buy it from me.

Please pay attention to this alert as it is a very lucrative and active scam going around.

Charles Sanford, 7-19-15, Sanfords Web Pages