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Before you decide which Backup to use-Consider this…

I just came from a site that is common about backup reviews and other promotions and I wanted to pass on to you what I have found so far. There is a computer backup service that is considered malware by Norton 360 and its called MyPCBackup. Go here to get a somewhat fair review of the product: http://www.getcloudstorage.net/mypcbackup-review/

Take this with a grain of salt as I have found MyPCBackup to be full of malware when you install it on a trial basis as the above listed site will tell you and it is not easy to uninstall…I use  Iobit’s Uninstaller to do the job quite well and then use the ‘powerful scan’ feature to get the traces of MyPCBackup thats left behind. 

I just dont recommend it and instead recommend going to the menu option above and clicking on Carbonite where you will get a no nonsense kind of backup soloution without ANY malware or annoying popups unless there is a problem with the Carbonite software and it is warning you…thats it…otherwise it just operates normally in the background without you really knowing its doing its job until you launch the interface and see what it is doing or has already done…my kind of software and I strongly recommend it over any other backup solution out there.

There are several companies out there but for my money and history with Carbonite, I’ll stick with them and enjoy my peaceful and safe backup solution…have a great weekend and take care of yourselves and each other…God Bless…CES