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Cell Phones Need Your Love Too !!!

Cell Phone Dangers

Yes, your cell phone needs your love and care as well as your iPad, laptop or desktop computer does. Norton has upgraded whats now considered the old Norton 360 and wrapped it all in Norton Security that you will find here on the sidebar for five devices so you can protect all your internet connected gadgets. Its a tech world now and a lot of us have multiple devices and quite a few of us now have cell phones. Cell phones are wifi connected and are just as likely to get you into a jam with its operating system as a computer can so you need protection for it as well and Norton Security provides that for cell phones.

Dont Be Left Naked

I see very few people with security on their phones. This is not a good thing because many of us surf the web or get quick telephone numbers off say safari for instance in the case of the iPhone like I have. I use Norton to protect mine from any virus or buggy website that I happen to come across using safari to say….look up the vet hospital phone number or something of that nature. Or, you get a message telling you to go to a certain site to check it out for whatever reason and if the site is new and not very trustworthy; Norton will alert you of that and give you the option of not continuing on to the site or go to it at your own risk. There are a lot of Facebook users out there and who knows someone that has had their Facebook accounts hacked and either attempted to scam someone or send bad links to their whole list of friends? Norton catches this kind of stuff and more. The trick is to keep Norton updated. Norton updates itself frequently but you can check live update and nine times out of ten there will be an update. Easy enough to keep up with though and like I said it updates on its own. I believe there is a setting in the Norton program that will allow you to set how often it updates on your devices including your cell phone.


Last week, Norton prices dropped and you could and can get a five device security program for 49.99. That is a good price to protect a device for a year for ten bucks each basically. So to summarize, dont leave your phone naked to attacks that you can otherwise prevent by using this or some kind of protection. Its a mean and nasty internet we have now. Scammers try and get elderly and disabled folks and people that just do not know a scam when they see it…if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is with scams from the internet nowadays. Also viruses are being written specifically for cell phones so there is that too. Keep your cell phone and all your internet connected devices safe from threats by getting protected as soon as possible and avoid the hassles of going through that sort of thing and the absolute best thing you can do is get backup for all your devices. You can find backup solutions on this website as well…take care of yourselves and each other and have a Blessed day/night.

Charles Sanford, Sanfords Web Pages, 2-18-15