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Check this out!! As promised, LifeLock decided to partner up with Sanfords Web Pages and we are proud to sponsor them on our website..Lifelock has been around a long time and do their dead level best to keep your identity safe and back it up with a ONE MILLION DOLLAR** GUARANTEE!!


I have been with Lifelock now for about four months and they have alerted me everytime there is a ‘out of character’ move on an account be it credit card purchases or opening of a new account in my name and they want to be sure it was me performing the action based on my transaction history. They monitor over 740 billion (yes, that’s with a ‘b’ billion) servers and/or points of transactions constantly.

Use Promo code: SANSSECURITY

**After you sign up, go through and read the details on the one million dollar guaruntee along with other important information on how to fill out your secure online profile..then gather up all your credit/debit cards and either call LifeLock to get your details input into the systems or fill out the advanced online form!!