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Phishing Scams Alert-No Login?

Make Strong Ones and Beware

Beware of internet security! When you are surfing or especially doing tasks like online banking, be sure you are on a secure site. This is easily done by simply logging in…yeah? so what’s new you ask? Well, my wife sent me one of her bills to take care of just a while ago ok? It was from Amazon. Well, I clicked on the link and it took me right into the account details!! No login..no user name or password were asked for..NOTHING..just a spot to put in our joint account routing number!! There was no verification at all. This is what could have easily been a phishing site. A phishing site works just like that or similar by mocking a website known to you and asking for your details and personal information just like this one did. Do due diligence, look up at the website address and see where the website is located. If it shows say http://www.nameofwebsite.com or some like that it is probably ok but go back and open a new tab and type in what you know the web address to be like for instance, Amazon, everyone knows its simply amazon.com and there you are asked to sign in to your account. Dont just think that because it looks official that it really is. That is what hackers want you to think. When that site asked for my joint account number of my wife and my account without logging in I knew it was fishy so I backed out without putting any details in and left the site. I’ll check on the bill a little later. I wanted to write about this new expeirience and share it with you.