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Leaving Your Computer On 24/7—is it safe???

If you leave your computer on twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, is it safe? I get asked this question a lot in the conversations I have with people that I work on their computers. Personally, I leave my computer on 24/7 because it updates and backs up online while idle and also exposes it to the same security risks that I have while I’m actually on it with a lot of open tabs. Three email accounts and Facebook of course and a number of other things I do just like working up this article.

So…in answer to their question, I tell them that it should probably be treated as a personal preference but to be aware of what might be running in the background. If you shut your unit down, files may not get backed up at scheduled times and/or you may have a long wait when you boot up every day while you first have to deal with all the updates that would have otherwise been done while you were sleeping leaving the computer on. 

You certainly could unplug the internet cord connected to your broadband forcing you to take steps to keep that connection in an obvious convenient location for access, but again you might or should I say should have Carbonite backup which is continuous and online backup and backup your entire unit while you sleep off-site and when a document changes and that document is coded for backup at Carbonite’s setting that is not in your control and you need to leave your computer on for that. There used to be a device you could purchase that was called Datablocker which was simply a nice looking switch that would kill, physically, your broadband connection with a flip of the switch. I looked around for computer components and Tigerdirect warehouse  was out of stock not saying if they were getting any more in or not and all other sites that carried the product were no longer available and the item only sold for around forty dollars so maybe the got a lot of returns or something???..i dont know, but I leave my unit on all the time so it really did not matter for me but might have mattered for some of my readers.

At any rate, this site is soon to be revamped but in the meantime, I would strongly suggest that you get all the programs I recommend under the menu ‘programs I recommend (and use myself)’; click on it and it will take you to the programs I use to keep my computer safe from prying eyes, viruses and hackers. These programs for instance SpyHunter, it has security guards that catches bad stuff from coming into your computer and if you do as I suggest; which is to run those programs and update them about every two weeks, you will see all the stuff SpyHunter keeps from getting into your machine. Beware, as I mentioned early on in the building of this site in one of my articles, SpyHunter and RegHunter are pricey..to the tune of $39.99 every six months but they are well worth it. If you get them, (and I strongly recommend that you do) get the anti-keylogger too; it comes with four licenses last I checked and the first license is premium for your main computer and works with typing in all common browsers and applications, you should feel as comfortable and worry free as I am leaving my unit on for such long periods. The only time I reboot, or cold boot my computer is when its time to check on getting updates that seem to be only available when you fire up or restart your computer like Adobe flash player (weird huh?)

So bottom line is this–you want the best protected computer you can have with hackers continually working on getting into your stuff and you want a trustworthy backup in case of a system crash like I had about six months ago (Carbonite saved me on that one let me tell you) so you need both software and good hardware to supplement your computer safety and minimize risks that come with what we call the internet. Hackers and virus makers never sleep it seems. Happy surfing and enjoy your visit and share this article if you think a friend could benefit from it. And yes, its safe to leave your computer on with the right software and secure hardware…take care….ces

Charles Sanford, Sanfords Web Pages, 6-25-2015